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At Tasker Insurance Group, we are passionate about insurance and our vision is to ensure that regional, community based broking in the UK and Ireland has a long and healthy future ahead of it.

We want to play a key role in achieving this across all aspect of our business, whether that is us advising clients as their broker at Tasker Insurance Brokers, or supporting a regional broker with their more complex clients through our Lloyd’s Broker Tasker & Partners, or providing brokers with easily accessible, excellent value online product solutions for their clients with our MGA Gresham Underwriting.

As a retail broker ourselves, Tasker Insurance Brokers, we want to serve local communities in two ways.

  • Firstly, by ensuring we have a presence and provide choices for our clients in terms of how they can access our broking and risk management services.
  • Secondly, by having national specialisms that are relevant to the very communities we want to serve.

We therefore provide an ideal home for brokers who no longer want to continue to run their own business, but who care deeply about their clients and the service they get.

Our Lloyds’ broking team, Tasker & Partners, has recognised sector specialists with extensive market relationships enabling them to provide placement solutions for a wide variety of risk classes. Their skills and expertise allow them to place all major classes of non-life insurance whether as a business package, a binding authority or a reinsurance programme. They also work with professional brokers who require market leading placement services and Managing General Agents who require binding authority and capacity placements.

At Gresham Underwriting we only trade via insurance brokers and our aim is to provide a solution for brokers and their clients’ needs as simply as possible. Our wide product range and breadth of cover coupled with our extremely fast instant quote system means that a quotation can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

Those brokers who do not have a TOBA with Tasker & Partners and Gresham can easily apply and sign up online.

Executive Team
Robert Organ
Chief Executive Officer
Barry Reynolds
Managing Director
Robert Munden
Chief Underwriting Officer
Graeme Lalley
Chief Operating Officer