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Core Values
November 18, 2018

At Tasker Insurance Group our time is spent focusing on the important things, our people and our clients and improving what we do for them. We are a proud to be an independent insurance intermediary and this is reflected in the way that we work. Our core values were not born from a board level awayday, but instead pitched to us by our people who are on the ground every day working hard for themselves, their teams and their clients.

Core Values:

Innovative and relevant

Innovation has been at the core of Tasker Insurance Group since our inception and is a value that has continued to thrive within our business as we have grown. We have acquired multiple companies over the years which has meant bringing together lots of different processes, cultures, people and skills. Because of this we understand the importance of innovation, evolution and relevancy and they sit at the heart of our core values.

Honest and transparent

Being an independent insurance intermediary means there are no hidden agendas, which allows us to be true to our core values and build honesty and transparency in to our daily activities, whilst cutting out the red tape that so frequently gets in the way at the larger International Firms or National Consolidators. Being part of the ‘Tasker Family’ means establishing relationships based on these values both with our people and clients.

Diligent and reliable

In business we are only as good as our word. At Tasker Insurance Group we combine this outlook with industry experience, the personal touch and qualifications from the CII to find solutions for our clients. As a Lloyd’s Broker  and LIIBA (Tasker & Partners), a member of the MGAA (Gresham Underwriting), and a BIBA member (Tasker Insurance Brokers) professionalism is ingrained into each of our actions enabling us to truly be as good as our word.

Passionate and supportive

At Tasker Insurance Group we invest in people who are passionate about what they do and the clients they help. Relationships are key within the insurance industry and we believe in the importance of building these with our staff and clients and supporting them in any way possible in order to find the right solution. We should never forget that at its core Insurance is a supportive industry. We help people avoid disaster (risk management), we help businesses get back on their feet after an incident and we make sure families don’t suffer unnecessary hardship when the unthinkable happens. There is much to be passionate and proud about.  We might not be doctors saving lives, but, as an industry, we do our best to make the difference that we can.

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