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Tasker Insurance Group: COVID-19 Update
March 18, 2020

All of us, whether within the broader business community or within our personal lives and communities at home, are in unchartered territories. We are feeling our way as we go, not knowing what is coming over the horizon, making decisions and taking what we believe to be the best actions possible to support and protect the health and wellbeing of our families, colleagues, clients and business partners.

These are difficult times, during which we must ensure we stick together, providing support to each other as best we can, not just the high risk and vulnerable, but everyone. At Tasker Insurance, we sincerely hope that you and your families are faring well within these unprecedented circumstances and we will aim to do all that we can to support you.

As an Executive team we have and continue to keep abreast of the developments, absorbing recommendations from the UK Government, The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and other authorities.

As a business, Tasker Insurance Group has responded swiftly, we have implemented our business continuity plans with a view to safeguarding our staff and ensuring we are able to continue to provide a high level of service to the clients and brokers who support us.

The areas that our focus and attention has been on includes:

  • Planning to ensure that all our staff were able to work from home and successfully testing the resilience of these plans, to protect their health and safety, whilst continuing to provide our services to you
  •  Initiating a whole of organisation work from home model. As of yesterday, Tuesday 17 March 2020, we closed our London office and today, Wednesday 18 March 2020, our other 5 offices have been closed.
  • All our staff are now working from home, with extended business hours to meet the needs of their clients and broking partners. We have banned of all business travel.
  • Tasker Insurance Brokers, our retail Broking teams are working hard to support their clients, taking numerous Coronavirus related enquiries and ensuring that appropriate cover remains in place during uncertain times to protect their clients’ businesses and people.
  •  Tasker & Partners, our wholesale Lloyd’s Broking team remain very much open for business, having established and tested effective and efficient working practices across the London market to ensure they can continue to support their broking partners. We have already had positive feedback from those broking partners and market contacts that this transition has been seamless, a testament to a team working in a market which has traditionally relied so heavily on face to face meetings.
  • Gresham Underwriting, already a technology enabled business along with a full team of underwriters, continues to provide insurance solutions to almost 1,000 brokers across the UK with the underwriting team taking enquiries and servicing as always.

Communication will be key during this time and so, alongside of this we have implemented strategies to ensure that you are able to still communicate with us as you have before, with face to face meetings being replaced by virtual meetings utilising different technologies. For all sense and purposes, phone and email remain unchanged.

Despite the environment being challenging, we are ready, as always, to work with you to provide solutions and services, supporting you as best we can. Thank you for also continuing to support us.

Keep safe.

Robert Organ

Chief Executive Officer

Tasker Insurance Group


You can view the Tasker Insurance Brokers update here:

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