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Finding Your Identity: Tasker Insurance Brokers
October 9, 2018

It is safe to say that what is now Tasker Insurance Brokers has previously had many identities, both visually and operationally. Prior to 2017 we were two separate retail businesses, Tasker Southeast and Maestro Insurance, operating within the same Group. And within Tasker Southeast sat separate sub-brands The Guest House Insurer and Pro Publican. Our identities were very much siloed, but as much as we weren’t unified, we would never have been able to tell you what those individual identities were. Fast forward 12 months and we have a new strategy, new processes, new systems, new talent, and a newly merged business with multiple branches and clear specialisms: Tasker Insurance Brokers.

With our internal identity taking shape, our old Tasker Insurance Brokers branding no longer made sense. It represented a previous phase of the business that we had moved away from, and it felt out of place. A brand is more than just a visual logo, it’s about how the outside world sees you and it also has an impact on the internal operations and your staff. For us, broking is personal. It’s about advice, guidance and risk management; we have clients not customers and brokers not salesmen. Broking is about working together for the benefit of the business and the client. These are all elements of the newly merged Tasker Insurance Brokers, and we wanted them to be represented through our new branding, website and communications.

The rebranding process began several months ago for the Tasker Insurance Group, which we are part of. Like the Broking business, the Group also felt disjointed with businesses that should complement one another operating in a siloed way, not leveraging the various strengths that existed across the broader Group. There were no clear links between the businesses and our sub-brands caused even more confusion.

Specialist Brand and Marketing consultants were engaged and helped each of our businesses to work together to create a coherent brand structure that represented us each individually as well as providing a clear visible link to the Tasker Insurance Group family. We have strong brands with Travel Risks Professionals, The Guest House Insurer and Pro Publican, and for us it did not make sense to lose these. Instead we have introduced the new branding across all brands and introduced the ‘Tasker’ to their names, in order to bring them in line with the rest of the company, whilst still retaining their individual strengths.

We are proud to be part of the Tasker Insurance Group and as a group, we have achieved much in the last 12 months. We now have a clearer vision of our identity – we are a specialist retail broker with a passion for the clients we work with and the business we place. We are now one independant business with strong national specialisms and retail branches in London, the South East and the North West who are operationally consistent and as a result are stronger for it. Our proposition will continue to evolve as our future plans take shape and we encourage innovation throughout the business.

Our new branding is just the beginning for Tasker Insurance Brokers, a proudly independent insurance brokers.

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