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The Power of a Strong Bench – The What, The How and The Who…
January 25, 2019

Having a clear strategy and a true sense of purpose is vitally important if a business is to achieve its true potential but equally important is having the right team in place.  In fact, if you haven’t got the right team on board then it won’t matter how good your strategy is, your inability to execute it will mean that you’ll never seize the opportunity anyway.

Arguably therefore, knowing what you want to do is the easy part, knowing how to do it is harder but actually doing it, delivering on your plans, executing the what, well that is a lot harder, that is the holy grail.

In business, as in life, talk is cheap, results are everything.  And delivery is largely dependent on having the right team on your bench, their capability, their attitude, their desire to succeed.

It’s naive to think that, as your business grows and evolves, all your capability requirements will be met from your existing talent pool.  At the same time though, it is short sighted to over-look young talented members of your team who, given the opportunity and a little support, would do a fantastic job.

The ideal ingredients for a perfectly blended team, is a well-balanced mix of both home-grown talent and experienced, proven capability from elsewhere.

Your young talent will have an enthusiasm and energy that others might not bring, fresh ideas and a willingness to learn.  To recognise their talents, to nurture them, to see them develop and achieve great things is incredibly rewarding.

That said, a little grey hair isn’t a bad thing either.  Having people with the experience and capability to confidently take your business, and your people, to where you want them to be, who have an appreciation of what is around the corner, because they’ve been there before, people who are going to add real value through the delivery and execution of your plans.  That is also a good thing.

But the challenge is to select the experienced people who are still motivated and passionate, who have the appetite and desire to work hard to get the business to where it wants to be, who are prepared to coach and support those less experienced but equally as ambitious members of the team who are coming through.  What you can’t afford to do is recruit the ‘have beens’

At Tasker Insurance Group we feel that we are making a lot of the right decisions as we set about building a strong bench to deliver on our strategic ambitions.

Internally we are blessed to have been able to promote internally for a number of key roles, including, but in no way restricted to, Adam Bevis to Development Manager in Gresham, Mike Hilder to London Branch Director in Tasker Insurance Brokers and Tom Shipston to the Board of Tasker & Partners.

We have also welcomed new talent into the Group including Mick Husband as Product Manager in Gresham, Paul Lindley as Sales Executive in Tasker Insurance Brokers, Graeme Lalley as Group COO and, most recently, Jonathan Webber as Group CFO.

It is humbling that we can attract and retain such talent in the Tasker Insurance Group.

As a growing business there will always be career opportunities for those within our business today and for those of you on the outside looking enviously in, if you want to get involved now, whilst great opportunities still exist, then feel free to get in touch with me directly.

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